(b. april 1977) The child of Michaela Odone and Augousto Odone. Up until the age of five, Lorenzo was an active, intelligent kid. Suddenly, he was struck by the terrible sickness adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD for short), leaving him crippled and bed-ridden. Due to his inability to communicate, many believed that ALD also affected his mental capabilites. Lorentzo was among the first to survive long enough to be able to communicate again, after a treatment with Lorentzo's oil.

In many ways, Lorenzo acted as a guinea pig for the controversial treatment. Luckily for him, it worked. Lorentzo did not die within the usual two year span after diagnosis lives today to tell the story. He is, however, quite handicapped and can only communicate via computer voice. He can now move his head, left arm and legs. The other children who got the oil in an earlier stage avoid the disease completely.

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