A character of Doodle MaCZ, first seen in the "hacked" (fan drawn) Doodle "A Sudden Appearance", but making his first appearance canonically in 3-7, "Well Now!". He is accused of being a modie-licker and is constantly derided by the characters throughout his scarce number of appearances (mostly in the gaiden strip "Ye Olde Old Dude"), even once being ridiculed by Michael the Happy Puppy. But thankfully, as soon as he appears, he is killed (he mistakes a chicken covered in soot for a grackle; the chicken pecks his eyes out).

Like many of the other characters in Doodle MaCZ, Lord Sparks is based on a real life person: in this case, the half-Mexican cousin of the author, who uses the same moniker as his doodled counterpart, and enjoys nothing more than having his eyeballs pecked out.

Quotes by L0rD Sp@rks...

  • "I poked myself in the butt with a letter opener, once..."
  • "Golly gee whiz mister, you've made me the happiest little modie EVER!"
  • "Ah! My brains!"

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