I suppose everyone in love does these things. They go out of their ways to see to it that the other one is happy. They write a love poem or two every once in a while. They try to sneak their name into random conversations. They look them up on an hourly basis. They feel miserable when the other one isn't around.
I suppose calling the one a magnet is rather mainstream, but that's exactly what they become- the one pulling naturally on the other, and the other realizing the utter futility of trying to resist that pull. I suppose it is desperate. But then again, that's what everyone does in love.
It has nothing to do with the one being artfully unaware of it, and it has everything to do with the other one being truly, hopelessly devoted to someone. It fell out of fashion a long time ago to express outwardly to someone about someone's feelings for them. And that's why they might end up having no idea how someone else's life completely revolves around their own. And that's how the one ends up disappointing the other one too easily. Pouring someone's heart out has become an act so ancient that they have forgotten that the the passion that drove it even existed once.

But I suppose these things happen.

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