A famous composite canard homebuilt aircraft design from Burt Rutan (of Voyager fame). Sometimes called a tail-first sports car. It has spawned a raft of descendants and imitators, including the Berkut, Velocity, Cozy, E-Racer, and many others. Despite being available in plan form only, it is outrageously popular due to its sporty lines, relatively easy composite contruction, low cost, and performance.

One of the more unusual features of the Long-EZE is the fact that without a pilot in the cockpit it will not sit on its gear -- it will topple backwards. Therefore, to park, the nose wheel must be retracted, giving Long-EZEs (and many of their descendents, such as the Berkut) a distinctive nose-down parking posture.

Wingspan is 26' , power is typically from a Lycoming or Continental horizontally-opposed engine, in the 115 to 200 hp range.

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