A blended (lowland, highland, and island) whisky of 43%vol. made by Allied Distillers, Dumbarton.

The whisky is named after "Long" John McDonald, in his time a well-known sportsman of impressive stature, who built the Ben Nevis Distillery in 1825, originally calling his product "Long John's Dew of Ben Nevis", which was co-produced with the Nevis Distillery, built in 1878 and closed in 1908.

The early history of the ownership of the Ben Nevis Distillery is somewhat unclear, but a recent discovery of an antique bottle of Dew indicates that it was run by the MacPherson family after McDonald was sequestered, only to go back into the McDonald family's hands as Long John's son Donald P. McDonald took over.

It then remained with the family until 1955, when it was sold to Canadian Joseph Hobbs, and was then acquired by Japanese Nikka in 1989.

The taste is slightly rough and peaty, but well worth its modest price. Excellent for mixed drinks (such as with Ginger Ale and a splash of lemon juice to make a Mamie Taylor) or consumed as is. As with any alcoholic drink, consume with moderation.

(Or try to.)

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