Too many foreigners (especially Americans) believe that Britain is a London suburb. Strangely enough they are quite wrong. London is the capital and largest city of Britain. As such it is the centre for many things including snobbery (b.t.w. this accusation is aimed towards central london - i know plenty of level headed people from plenty of london suburbs) and extortionate prices. But it is only a city of 6m people, not the centre of the world. For the best in sport, entertainment, the modern music culture and even tourist attractions very often other locations are better.
So just to redress the balance here is a list of some other British cities and their various virtues:
  • Birmingham - National exhibition centre, NEC arena (concerts), National indoor arena (indoor sports). Also Warwick castle and Stratford upon Avon are v close
  • Manchester - home of Manchester United and Oasis, M.E.N arena (concerts)
  • Liverpool - of course theres the Beatles and Liverpool F.C. but also Cream (arguably Britains biggest dance nightclub)
  • Nottingham - Rock City (Rock nightclub), Q.M.C (one of Britain's leading medical Universities)

oh, and as for tourism - other non-London tourist attractions include Alton Towers, the Lake district, Stonehenge and most of Scotland and Wales.
this is far from an exhaustive list of non London goodies so please add on anything else that i have missed.

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