A handy card (or rather, two cards - one with a cheesy passport photo, the other with boring details like where you bought it and when it's valid till) which costs £18 and gets the holder (being between 16 and 25) up to 34% off train fares in Great Britain, on any participating Train Operating Company's services. Some restrictions apply - like not before 9.30am on a weekday, and you might not be able to get a discount if you didn't buy your ticket a station when you could have bought your ticket at the station.

Not a very exciting thing to node, I know, but I do take issue with some of their adversiting. Some of it is clever - "You're young, you're a person, so apply!" - but there's the one poster which is just plain silly.

"More fun than a girlfriend"

I have had a girlfriend, and I have had a Young Persons Railcard, indeed I've used a Young Persons Railcard to get to see my girlfriend. But being alone with my YP card is nowhere near as fun as being with my girlfriend was...

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