This node attempts to explain the dream Londo Mollari has in the Babylon 5 episode The Coming of Shadows.

1. Londo is asleep. As he is dreaming, he hears himself say, "Keep this up, G'Kar, and soon you won't have a planet to protect!" He sees a contigent of Narn fighters destroying the space station at Ragesh 3. Within seconds, that dissolves. The attack on Ragesh 3 occured in the first episode, Midnight on the Firing Line.

2. He sees a great, fiery star with a hand emerging from it, reaching toward something... The hand, mentioned by Elric in The Geometry of Shadows, is a metaphor for Londo's expanding power and influence: "I see a great hand, reaching out across the stars..."

3. He sees Centauri Prime from orbit...

4. He finds himself standing on the dusty or sandy surface of a planet, shielding his eyes from the sun as a group of Shadow ships fly overhead... Occurs in The Hour of the Wolf, when he finds out Emperor Cartagia made a deal with the Shadows, allowing them the Island of Selini as a base.

5. He stands, dressed in ceremonial clothing, his head bowed, as a crown is placed upon his head... Londo's coronation as Emperor, which occurs in The Fall of Centauri Prime.

6. He sits on a large throne, dressed in elaborate white clothes. He is aged, decrepit, and ill. Surveying his surroundings, he sees a Narn, his face aged and wrinkled, wrapped in a dark cloth. It is G'Kar... We see this in World Without End, Part Two. Londo is still Emperor in his old age, and he has not aged well. G'Kar is somehow involved with him, even then.

7. Londo once again sees the great hand, stretching further and further from the star, grasping at something...

8. He is back in the throne room, in a struggle with G'Kar. They are both trying to strangle each other. Londo begins losing the struggle, and he begins to fall back, as... This was foreshadowed as far back as the first episode, Midnight on the Firing Line, and we see it in World Without End, Part Two.

9. He wakes up. He is quite disoriented, and picks up a small clock nearby, to check the time. "It has begun," he says. Just for reference, it refers to Londo knowing that the attack on Quadrant 14 is about to begin, and war with the Narn will follow soon after.

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