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The most irritating Dial Up Networking setting ever encountered in my entire Tech Support carreer.

The damn thing seems to cause extreme intsability in the dial-up connection.

I beleive it is related to windows networks - enabling this setting seems to encourage windows to broadcast messages to windows servers which of course arent there at my ISP, and caused my customers much stress as they couldnt connect at any reasonable speed, or stay connected for more than a few minutes.

In regards to the above theory,

I am not knowledgeable about such things, but the modem connection should not be made astable by the type of traffic performed over it.

I've had a lot more success by adjusting my modem's error-correction protocols to match those of my ISPs. It seems many modems default to no ECP, and the unidriver supplied with Windows doesn't have the hardware-specific codes to adjust them. Result: poor connection that will drop at the first error.

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