Animal rights activists have long been trying to attribute human rights to other species in the animal kingdom. Some of them campaign for vegetarianism and veganism as the dietary habits of homo sapiens. Others simply say that humane killing of animals would be a tolerable compromise.

There is, however, one thing all these people have in common. None of them seem to care about lobsters. Lobsters, who are boiled alive before being consumed by arrogant upper-middle class citizens. These poor beings are subjected to an extremely painful method of execution.

Why is this? It's very simple, lobsters aren't cute. They do not exhibit behaviors which can be interpreted as manifestations of human interactions. They are ugly shelled creatures with multiple legs, claws and tentacles. No one would be caught dead keeping one as a pet.

Simply because we don't see or understand a thing, doesn't mean it's not there. These animal activists attribute superficial appearance and behavior as signs of sentience and intelligence. A lobster lacks these things so it is assumed that it is not a worthwhile life form. We, however, are not fully aware of a lobster's capabilities. It could have the powers of a benign god and we simply don't know it. After all, plants have feelings too.

Some people have proposed extreme measures to bring balance back to this world. C.A.U.A.R.A. and many other derivatives have popped up to combat activist culture. Many of them simply wish to stop the hypocrisy within the activist community.

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