The ninth track on the Barenaked Ladies' album "Maybe You Should Drive", this song is really the keystone of the whole album, dwarfing the throwaway singles "A" and "Life in a Nutshell". Soaring riffs, pounding rock bass, a sort of grim jazz piano, and broad, sweeping instrumentation that places this song at the pinnacle of '90s power-pop, but also earns it a place along such canonical rock and roll anthems--dare I say monuments?1--as Stairway to Heaven and Bohemian Rhapsody. The ironic twist in the last stanza is lyrical and smart, and brings to mind the morality of songs like "Luka" and "Waterfalls", teaching an important lesson.

Really, this song needs to be heard to be believed. I can't really do the majesty of some of those awesome chord progressions justice here, but I can give you the lyrics. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll put this song on "repeat one"--just don't say I didn't warn you. The greatness of the catchy, toe-tapping (but musically challenging!) melody is only exceeded by the fine wit in every word of the lyrics.



Hey, I'm a cow, I'm curious.
Hey, watch me now, I'm furious.

piano bridge, with lonesome tuba noise approximating a cow's moo

Hey, I'm a cow, I'm curious.
Hey, watch me now, I'm furious.

Hey, I'm a cow, I'm full of hate.
Hey, watch me now, I'm on your plate.2



1. I dare. "Monuments." So there.
2. I guess it's actually just a short little filler of a song, like the title says. Oh well.
3. The lyrics contained herein being somewhat less than 250 words and the academic discourse thereof comprising the balance of this 300+ word writeup, this work is compliant with Everything2 Copyright Changes.

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