One evening, GavinDot came over to purchase my father's old computer. We were waiting for scan disk to finish(it kept resetting), so he went to check out the tent my little cousins had made with a blanket and some couches. His head was inside the tent for a brief second before immediately jerking back out again.

"I am not going in there, that tent smells like little boys!"

he proclaimed. Laughing uncontrollably(because indeed, my cousins are little boys), I inserted my head and took a wiff. He was right. The tent smelled unmistakably like legos, tonka trucks and G.I.Joes.

This was quite an amazing discovery for me. I'd been aware of the unmistakable smell of sex and the unmistakable smell of play-doh, but never the unmistakable smell of little boys. GavinDot assured me that there is an unmistakable smell of little girls as well, My Little Ponies, glitter and buttercups being the main ingredients.

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