It's quiet and warm here. The only light is a small fire burning guarded by stone and metal. It's simple here. No one yells and no one fights. In this place there isn't sadness and, pain is unheard of. It is in this place that dreams develop and dance over our head like smoke dances over a fire or, a shallow stream dances around small pebbles. In this place we are safe, we are protected. It's in this place where we start our lives.

Outside the glowing eyes of wolves wait. They stalk and starve, waiting, watching, listening, and smelling. Howling to each other what they see, showing their teeth at our smiles and laughter. Their teeth are aching to tear us to shreds. To tear us into new beings... To tear into our inner wolf. Outside of this place they wait.

The fire that is protected by the stone and metal will never die. The simplicity of honesty, safety, and love will never fade. We will never hear those yells or the fighting outside. Sadness and pain will continue to be strangers in this place and our dreams will still dance like the smoke over our fire. As long as we love one another we will remain in this place. We will remain safe and protected by our love. As long as we always love one another everyday will be a new start to our lives. Though the ones outside of this place all die at some point, we will never die for we will live in each other in our Little House.

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