Wowie Zowie!

Not long ago, but long enough, there was a woman. Her name was Little Frieda. She was a Venusian, back before people accepted the fact that there's no such thing as Venusians and never was, not that this stopped her from existing. She existed after people realized the moon was not made out of green cheese, so she's a modern myth. She is a petite little quirky sprite-like adorable little girl older and wiser than she appears, has pig-tails and smokes Havanna cigars.

She also has no pupils or irises in her eyes.

Her eyes are large white ovals. She can see, but she doesn't see the way people usually see. She sees thoughtforms as if her eyes were perpetually out of focus on the normal world but sharply in focus on alternate worlds. She wouldn't see you when she looked at you. She'd see who you had been and who you were going to be. If your soul was the shape of a talking unicorn, that is how she'd treat you and it would be perfectly normal and acceptable to her that you were a talking unicorn even though you didn't know you were.

Little Frieda was a supporting character in a series of audio adventures called the Travels with Jack Flanders originally intended for public radio. The ZBS Foundation started producing these tales in the late 1970s. They focus on Jack Flanders floundering his way through life and experiencing a perpetual state of things are not what they seem. The character of Little Frieda is featured predominantly in The 4th Tower of Inverness and The Incredible Adventures of Jack Flanders. She was performed by the talented P. J. Oort.

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