Franz Liszt: 1811-1886

Franz Liszt was born in Raiding, near Oedenburg in Hungary, in 1811. He died at Bayreuth, in 1886. He spent much of his life in Paris, Weimar, Budapest and Rome. His was a pupil of Czerny’s. He wrote many great piano works in his life. His piano works are incredibly difficult. The majority are shown here:

Piano Works:
  1. 16 Hungarian rhapsodies.
  2. Etudes
  3. Some of his other published piano works:< cr>
Not shown are his transcriptions, or 2 piano concertos. The easiest of his pieces are his consolations, although some of these are still exceptionally difficult. Only try to play any of the above if you are damn good at the piano!!

As the father and past-master of modern piano-music, Liszt, along with Chopin and Schumann, forms the columns on which reposes all the piano music of our time.

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