an implementation of Scheme (a dialect of LISP) for PalmOS, LispMe allows you to edit and run Scheme programs on any PalmOS device. This means that you can actually develop software (or, more realistically, toy with algorithms) entirely on the Palm.
The editing environment employed is the standard Palm MemoPad application. The current version of LispMe implements almost all the Scheme standard (including continuations, closures, promises, tail recursion.
Only engines, dynamic/fluid binding, bigint and rational types are excluded from the implementation. Also, there is no debugger. Additionally, LispMe has bitwise primitives that allow you to treat characters as bit vectors.
The code is compiled in a bytecode and run by a virtual machine. Support for TCP/IP, GUI, graphics and reading generic databases and resources is provided.

The memory footprint is surprisingly small at 118 K.

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