Li*moges" (?), n.

A city of Southern France*.

Limoges enamel, a kind of enamel ware in which the enamel is applied to the whole surface of a metal plaque, vase, or the like, and painted in enamel colors. The art was brought to a high degree of perfection in Limoges in the 16th century.

Limoges ware.

  1. Articles decorated with Limoges enamel.
  2. Articles of porcelain, etc., manufactured at Limoges.


© Webster 1913.

* Editor's note: Helen4Morrissey correctly points out that Limoges is really in central France. Limoges is, in fact, on the Vienne River in the Limousin region of central France. While this is considerably south of Paris, it's directly west of Clermont-Ferrand which is more or less the center point of France. Geography isn't always Webster's strong suit. Hey, he's a dictionary, not an atlas.

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