Dade City is one of the most ungodly old towns left in Florida. Although the downtown area has made an attempt to redeem itself, Dade City proprietors can't produce enough antique shops and novelty stores to attract anyone of substance to this dilapidated area. Ironically, one of the finest restaurants in Florida is in the midst of this mediocrity. Lunch on Limoges is southern cuisine at its best.

Limoge is the French porcelain on which each meal is served. The restaurant itself has an adjoining dress shop...don't ask me why. The ambience is rather feminine. Pink tablecloths and cutesy floral displays abound. I like the fact that the kitchen is open. The diner can watch every move that the chef makes. No dirty tricks!

Lets talk about the food, shall we? A basket of tiny muffins baked with whatever fruit is in season is provided to each guest along with a fruit filled butter spread. The tea varies, but it is usually raspberry. Of course, it is fresh brewed. Most, if not all, vegetables and fruits come from the owner's farm. Therefore, many of your desserts and vegetables are available only when they are in season. No cans here! The meals are literally to die for. Try the southern pecan grouper or chicken. God, they are sumptuous when combined with the herb potatoes and vegetable concoction of the day. Hmmmmm... all honesty, you won't find better desserts anywhere. The fairy cake is eight layers of heaven (lots of fruit filling). Many other desserts are served as well. All equally incredible.

Lunch on Limoges is located about thirty miles north of Tampa. If you have a mom or grandmother whom you want to impress, take them to lunch here. They have funny hours and are only open for lunch. Make sure Skip and Phil are still running the operation when you call 352 567-5685.

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