Lik-A-Stick is a candy that comes in a paper package which is separated into four pouch-like sections. Three of the pouches contain a different colored, different flavored, sweet, yet tart powder. The fourth pouch is thinner and contains a small stick of white candy that looks like a stubby tongue depressor hewn from bone — that or a burnisher that an art student might use to transfer rub-on letters to paper. The name "Lik-A-Stick" is imprinted (or perhaps carved by beautiful elven ponies) on at least one side of the stick.

The idea behind consuming a Lik-A-Stick
Braced with excitement, you tear off the top of the package (thus exposing the stick as well as the three pouches of flavored powder). You lick the end of the stick. You then dip the wet end of the aforementioned stick into one of the powders. Finally you remove and suck the now powdery stick. Repeat.
(Unlike shampooing, there seems to be no need to lather or rinse.)

Personal notes:

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