An excellent, and much underrated, blues musician. Born in Texas in 1912, Lightnin' Hopkins has recorded some of the funkiest blues I've ever heard. Even if blues ain't your thing, get one of the early albums - perfect background music for a hot summer evening.

A good all rounder album would be The Complete Aladdin Recordings compilation which has all his early work on two CDs. Try a search on your favourite music etailer...

The Aladdin compilation has his best known track "Katie May", as well as "Big Mama Jump", "Sugar on my Mind" and "Lightnin's Boogie". And it has a cool track called "Let me play with your poodle".

Now if that isn't worth a trip to the record store, I don't know what is.

I can only assume that the reason this got ching!ed was that some of you people like the tunes .. Yay!

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