Life for Life is the status of anyone who has achieved the Life Scout rank in Boy Scouts and then quit. Many people that are Life for Life return to Boy Scouts as a Scoutmaster or volunteer adult leader to make up for what they lost and give back what they got. It is a good natured joke to declare oneself "Life for Life".

The Life Scout rank is the second highest rank of Boy Scouts, it is just below the famed Eagle Scout. People that are Life for Life were on the path to the highest rank of the BSA, but then dropped out of their Boy Scout troop for one reason or another. You can't go back into the Boy Scouts and finish to get your Eagle if you are over 17. You are Life for Life. Maybe you can if you belong to an Explorer post. Someone fill me in.

Reasons one may be a Life for Life range from the troop being populated by young punks and the people that made the troop fun when you were a Tenderfoot are no longer there now. When boys get older, girls and jobs and harder classes in school are worthy distractions to continuing on to Eagle Scout. Some Life for Life quit thinking Being an Eagle Scout means nothing anymore. Maybe their family and troop leaders did not push them enough. Maybe they were not able to complete the service project requirement for Eagle Scout. Who knows why we quit scouts? We are Life for Life

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