Here we have a fabulous tale of bravery, fighting, revenge and even a little (or a lot) love thrown in just for the extra taste. Lie down with Lions is Ken Follett at his best - and thats a pretty damn good book.

Lie down with Lions is basically about a woman and her husband fighting against the Russians in the Vally of the Five Lions in Afghanistan. It's a bit of a mouthful but you hardly notice while reading it. What makes it so interesting is the man that comes to the Valley's aid is the one man Jean-Pierre doesn't want to see, his one enemy, John Ellis.

There are three main characters:

Jane is a sensual Englishwoman who has a heart the size of New York. Her love and devotion for her husband is so great that she is willing to risk her life for him. Jane is also very headstrong, she will rarely lose an argument and is respected even more than this for being a doctor.

He is Jane's husband and a doctor helping out the in Valley. Jean-Pierre is a respected man among the village people and he has a past that is kept in secret. Ellis, the man that comes to the villages aid, is his worst enemy, they have known each other a long time and have differences that need to be set aside or dealt with.

An extremely colo(u)rful character is Ellis. He is launched through a pile of emotions that he needs to thrust aside to get the job done. Ellis is a level headed character and has no problems with offending someone if it gets his point of view across. He is to the point and precise in his views and evaluations.

The writing style of this book is somewhat different to that of Eye of the Needle, it isn't as fast paced, somehow it seems more structured in its content and better thought out. Follett is a master of story-telling and after you read this, you will most certainly agree.

Action and suspense is apparant even in the dying pages of the book, they say curiosity killed the cat, but in this case, curiosity turns the pages.

I, personally, would definitely recommend this book to anyone, whether it be mum, dad, grandad, grandma or even your wierd next door neighbour. READ THIS BOOK.

If you like authors such as: Wilbur Smith, Leon Uris or Robert Ludlum then you are most probably the type of person that would enjoy Lie down with Lions.

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