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Charles I's decision to rule without parliament from 1629
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If you downvote one of my nodes, do me a favour and flick me a /msg and tell me why :) I wont be offended. If you can tell me what I'm doing wrong possibly suggest a better way of doing something, please let me know. It'll help me become a better writer and ultimately improve the quality of all nodes. Many thanks.

Nodes written by me:
Otago Highlanders
The North Otago Old Golds
The Anglo-Irish War
The history of New Zealand rugby
Appeasement of Hitler prior to World War II

Exam revision:
The decision to restore Charles II to the throne of England
Elizabeth I's decision to deal with her financial problems
Charles I's decision to end Personal Rule
Elizabeth I's decision of a protestant settlement in England
The decision to execute Charles I
Charles I's decision to rule without parliament

Conflict in the Crucible

To node for history exam revision (decision essays):
The decision to establish the protectorate
Oliver Cromwell's decision to turn down Monarchy
The decision of the Long Parliament to go to war

To node for history exam revision (issue essays):

To node for english exam revision
Othello's attributes
Iago and the audience
The theme of jealousy in Othello
Once were warriors

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