14 Mudthaw

My dear Tak,

I was delighted to read your account of the successful occupation of the magistrates' office there, and even more so at the response – or lack thereof! – from the gendarmes; if even the King's Own are hardly willing to support him, perhaps he (or his advisers, who may be more reasonable) will realise that this overreach will not stand. Watermeet remains quiet; the King's men have not yet attempted to enforce the new laws, and for the most part I think the magistrates are pretending that they have never heard of any such thing. We, however, have the protection of our charter and our wealth.

I was even more delighted to read that Istara has joined you and Mirin; if we all four were there, we should be invincible, but surely three is formidable enough. Give them both my love.

As much as I regret that I am not there to share in the adventures, I can be nowhere else. Svarissa remains a miracle and the centre of my life. She has just begun to crawl, and has today embarked upon an exploration of the ground floor (at least as far as we will allow; the cook has already removed her twice from underfoot). Lielle (that's Annaya's second-oldest – yes, I know, I can hardly keep them straight myself; I don't expect you to) who is eight, is fascinated by her cousin and is here nearly every day after her lessons. (In fact she is here now – I wish you could see the two of them playing together while I write. We are extraordinarily domestic these days, if you can believe that! Still, we are safe, and I would not inflict the rigours and difficulties of my previous life on the little one.)

I do still find time to write some small pieces for Parander and assist him with the editing; if I cannot take a more active part for now, I can at least contribute my mind and my pen. Speaking of the papers, you will certainly be amused by the enclosed – you see that we heard of events in Savras before I received your letter. Evidently some people can afford the fees to have a mage send their reports – at least if they're working for the wrong side.

I shall end here; I have either too much or nothing left to say. I would tell you not to have all the adventures before I can join you, but at the same time I hope that this business is quickly brought to an end and we can return to the house in Askill. Give my love to the others, and I hope I will see you all soon.

All my love,

From the Current of News Foreign and Domestic, published in Watermeet, 9 Mudthaw 6577 LC:

Regarding the Recent Disturbances in Savras

Town of Savras
7 Mudthaw

Messengers from His Majesty, promulgating his newest edicts regarding the regulation of trade and new taxes to be assessed, reached the town of Savras on Fire-day this week. Savras being the seat of the county of Agasion, the magistrates of the county assembled yesterday to read and debate the new laws. In the middle of the day, the council chamber was overrun by tradesmen and those we might term artisans of the better sort, were their behaviour not so reprehensible. These ruffians, shouting the most disruptive and dangerous sort of anti-monarchist slogans, forced the end of any reasoned debate, to the end that Magister Irondar, magistrate of Savras itself, announced that the county will not adopt these new laws.

To their enduring shame and dishonour, the gendarmes remained in quarters and took no action, ignoring their oath to the King in favour of drink and dice. We can only hope that their officers are disciplined and replaced with men of loyalty and honour, and that peace and order are restored to the realm.

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