Space Ghost's (aka Tad Ghostal) grandfather. Voiced by Macho Man Randy Savage. You can see where I'm going with this.

Leo: Moltar... from the planet Moltor... I took on your father in the ring once... you shoulda seen yer old man, weepin' like a woman when I put on my patented piledriver!

Moltar: Yeah, but he whooped you up pretty good in the Texas Deathmatch...

Leo: What? That's because he came up from behind with a foreign object! He shoulda been disqualified!

Moltar: Hey, if the ref didn't see it, IT DIDN'T HAPPEN!

Ends nearly every sentence with the exclamation "Oh Yeah!" Except, it's Macho Man Randy Savage saying it, so it sounds more like

Ooooooh Yeeeeeeaaaah!

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