This issue guide re-caps all appearances of the Legion of Super-Heroes, who first appeared in an issue of Adventure Comics published by DC Comics in 1958. In the nearly fifty years that the Legion's been around, they've grown from three members to more than two dozen. They've had stories both epic and ridiculous, and have impacted the world of comic books through both continuity and consequence. Most of the Legion's pre-Crisis history hangs together remarkably well, and many of their ranks have fallen in the line of duty. Their popularity, never expected, cannot be denied. As a matter of fact, the Legion has twice pushed Superboy out of his own title!

Post-Crisis Legion lore is a bit murkier, as the very lynchpin of the Legion's existence, Superboy, was retconned into so much hypertime quasi-possibility, and in this author's humble opinion, the Legion's only now starting to recover from that (thank you John Byrne!). Hopefully the Legion will be around for another fifty years, squabbling, loving, and fighting the good fight in the thirty-first century.

Issues thus far noded are below (well, it's a work in progress, listing all issues of whatever Archive Edition I'm currently reading, whether noded or not). Be warned that there are plenty of spoilers. If you'd like to actually read these stories yourself, head over to Amazon (better yet, your locally-owned and operated comic book shop) and buy the Legion's DC Archive editions, which are the things that are allowing me to contribute these stories to the nodegel. Also thanks to Jet-Poop, whose JLA Issue Guide, and writing style for same, inspired me to tackle this enormous project.

Issues reprinted in Archive Volume One:

  • Adventure Comics #247 -- April 1958
  • Adventure Comics #267 -- December 1959
  • Action Comics #267 -- August 1960
  • Superboy #86 -- January 1961
  • Adventure Comics #282 -- March 1961
  • Action Comics #276 -- May 1961
  • Superboy #89 -- June 1961
  • Superman #147 -- August 1961
  • Adventure Comics #290 -- November 1961
  • Adventure Comics #293 -- February 1962
  • Action Comics #287 -- April 1962
  • Action Comics #289 -- June 1962
  • Superboy #98 -- July 1962
  • Adventure Comics #300 -- September 1962
  • Adventure Comics #301 -- October 1962
  • Adventure Comics #302 -- November 1962
  • Adventure Comics #303 -- December 1962
  • Adventure Comics #304 -- January 1963
  • Adventure Comics #305 -- February 1963

    Last updated March 10, 2003

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