A curious traffic pattern which normally is against the law in most of America, it's a case when it is legal to make a left-hand turn while sitting at a red light, presuming there is an opening in the crossing traffic to allow this. In order to make a legal Left on red, you need to have an intersection between two One-Way streets with a traffic light, so that the crossing street is One-Way from right to left, relative to the people sitting at the red light. Under those circumstances, cars in the leftmost lane at the light may signal and make a legal turn to the left, since they do not cross oncoming traffic lanes, but instead merge with the greater traffic flow.

One place which is verified as a Left on red possible and legal area is the city of Poughkeepsie, New York, where the westbound bridge traffic for NYS 44/55 crossing the Mid-Hudson Bridge has a 3-lane turnoff to allow cars to change to the eastbound city traffic lanes for NYS 44/55, resulting in a traffic-light regulated intersection.

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