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My name is Adam, and I'm a British Traditional Wiccan, Alexandrian trad, living in Poughkeepsie and working in Connecticut. I'm owned by two cats, Samhain and Ripley (as in, 'the Talented Mr.', not 'Believe it or not') with life partner Storm's cat Buddha giving me a share of grief as well.

A study of opposites, a misfit without a cause, I'm too witchy for reality and too real for witchdom sometimes. I'm too gay to be straight and too butch to be gay. I used to be extroverted but gave it up as impossible and a waste of time. No one can win if I refuse to commit my troops to the battlefield of interpersonal communication. My training and bad coven experiences are what led to me feeling that interpersonal communication is a battlefield to begin with.

I'm being treated for a mild case of Clinical depression, and I'm pretty amazed at the knee-jerk reactions of family and friends when I talk about it. They'd rather I spout off about my private sexual practices than have me mention that I've got a chemical imbalance which affects periodic bouts of mood swings into melancholy blueland. Sheyah. Like I'm going to remain closeted about it. Silence = Death, and if I'm not ashamed of it, why should others be? Deal. I have to. So do you. (Told you I used to be an extrovert).

I work as a graphic designer for a company that provides production services to various studios and corporations across the country. I'm stationed at Elizabeth Arden's studio, full time with bennies for the first time after 9/11 dumped me from my last job. So things are a bit tight, but they're getting better, thankfully. No one claimed 2nd degree would be easy. (Mundies, ignore that last sentence.)

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