An absolute masterpiece of a double album (both double LP and double CD) by sadly defunct rock band Unwound. The musicians on this recording are Sara Lund (drums and percussion), Vern Ramsey (bass guitar) and Justin Troper (guitar and voices.) Additional instruments on this album, played by various band members and friends of the band include organ, slide guitar, harpsichord, piano, mellotron, vibrasound and cello. Who plays what varies by track, as far as extras go.

At the time of this recording the band had been releasing records increasingly mellow and layered in tone. The trend of non-screamed vocals that began with an earlier album, Repetition, is continued here with the vocals being generally sung and occasionally shouted (though mutedly produced.) Many of the songs take some of their early drone experiments in a more listenable, atmospheric and pleasant way. Instead of being buzzed to death with guitar noise, we're forced to pay attention to the subtle changes in organ tone or hypnotic bass lines.

Where their earlier records relied on a more visceral sonic attack for their power (cutting guitars, poundy-poundy drums and screamed vocals), this one tends to be much more atmospheric and, at times, haunting. The various layered keys and strings under the intertwining guitars sounds complex but not wankily excessive, making it a really interesting album to listen to. (Perhaps in certain, *ahem* altered states it gains more significance than it should...)

Released on Kill Rock Stars Records in 2001, the tracks are:

Disc 1:

  1. We Invent You
  2. Look, A Ghost
  3. December
  4. Treachery
  5. Terminus
  6. Demons Sing Love Songs
  7. Off This Century
Disc 2:
  1. One Lick Less
  2. Scarlette
  3. October All Over
  4. Summer Freeze
  5. Radio Gra
  6. Below The Salt
  7. Who Cares?

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