Laura Numeroff was born in Brooklyn. As a little girl she loved to write and tell stories, and by the time she was nine, she knew she would become an author.

When she was 15, she changed her mind, deciding she'd rather be a designer, like her big sister. She went to Pratt Institute to study fashion design, but that only lasted a year. She began taking classes in all kinds of other art - illustration, animation, photography . . . and a class called "Writing and Illustration Children's Books," taught by Barbara Bottner. One of her homework assignments was to write and illustrate a children's book, and she ended up selling the boo kshe created. Amy For Short was published right before she graduated, in 1975.

Laura continued to write for kids, supplementing her sad little beginning-author's income by running a merry-go-round and doing private investigation. Her income is doing just fine now, as a result of having published a few dozen highly successful (most of them) children's books - there are even rumors that If You Give a Pig a Pancake is going to be made into a movie, though I don't see how they'd stretch 30 pages into a movie. Regardless, Laura is thrilled by the idea.

Laura currently lives in California. Eventually, she'd like to write adult novels and screenplays, but kids' books will always be her first love. The word "pig" makes her laugh.


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