A huge, hexagon-shaped food court, with twenty restaurants on each arm radiating from the center. Located in Singapore's financial district, so people-watching is my favorite part. I get to watch the Brits, the Malay ladies in their colorful dresses and headcloths, the slim chinese messengers, and the families with little children. I've eaten there both times I visited Singapore, and it seems like just about every type of person eats there at some point or another. I even got exchange shy glances with a beatiful malaysian girl--because they're muslim, I felt like I might be doing something illicit. Of course, suspicions of illicit feelings create excitement all by themselves.

The market features Malyasian food, Chinese Food, American food, [Seafood, sweets. Last time I was there, in August of 1999, I had Mother in law Cake-- (somebody help me remember if this is the right name)it's a little, pale, round cake with yummy filling) and Mee Goreng, some kind of Malaysian rice, egg, and napalm mixture. MMMmmm. Fun place to go, and the Singaporean government is nice enough to inspect and label each eating establishment with a sanitation grade.

Avoid the D's.

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