Shown on Channel 4's excellent 4Later season.

Hardcore poker players from all around the world come to the table to compete for a place in the Grand Final.
Every sitting at the table costs each entrant £4000 sterling, with jackpots on the table reaching sums of three thousand plus pounds at times.
This is real money. No monopoly currency here.
The unique thing about late night poker is that every player has a camera mounted beneath their spot on the table, allowing the public to see their hands, so you can tell who is bluffing who. The game they play is called Texas Hold 'em, so this allows up to 5 public cards to be displayed to everyone at the table, with each player having 2 private cards in order to make up the best hand of 5 out of the 7. Betting takes place on the next card to come from the "flop", which is when the dealer deals the first three public cards. The private cards are dealt first.
This type of poker combined with the cameras makes for some of the best television you will see these days. You can see these guys actually trying to bore into the other players eyes to see who is bluffing. The bluffing that happens is serious, and really good to watch.
Some players are so good that just before the hand is over, they try and guess the other players two cards. You would be surprised how accurate these guys can be.

Some of the players who appear on the show are Sir Clive Sinclair, the actor Ross Boatman (who appeared in Patrick Marber's West End play "Dealers Choice"), Simon Trumpe, and Dave "DevilFish" Ulliot, from Hull in the UK, last years champion of Late Night Poker.

Commentry is provided by Jesse May and Nic Szeremeta, who's banter greatly adds to the atmosphere and tension of the show.

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