Last Plane to Jakarta started out as a print zine, distributed through Absolutely Kosher Records and "published every time a guy in Uttar Pradesh who identifies himself only as 'Mohan' calls John Darnielle collect and says he's going to do something drastic unless he gets his hands on some pretty seriously wordy analysis of records, cassettes or compact discs, preferably not blank ones."

Now, however, it is primarily a webzine written by Darnielle, HTML-ized by the lovely and talented Mrs. Darnielle, and located at At this time, the five most recent articles have concerned The Strokes' hypothetical next album (it will involve a tuba solo), listening to Planet Asia in a tour van hurtling through Germany, grief and four-track bedroom recording artists, Rotting Christ odes set to songs from Show Boat, and "Why Morbid Angel Is So Great And Is Still So Great, by John's inner child, age 11." He has just started to sell cunning homemade screen printed LPTJ t-shirts in two colors, and occasionally the site features slightly self-conscious Mountain Goats tour plugs.

The staff of Last Plane to Jakarta claims to have been "proud to be among the first on board the Bright Eyes bandwagon, and among the earliest to jump right back off." Its primary editorial rule is "Death metal rules."

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