Baby, could you tie my shoe again?
the way you tied it to your little sister's belt loop
in a time when she and I were so embarrassed and
you were there, trying to teach us how to swim

I'm still a little tired
I've been stenciling your emotions so badly
pantomiming your medication with only
my own soft wet footprints there to guide me

I want to make lemonade for us and
sit in the backyard and watch the lazy strands
of Christmas lights because I'm not sure
if they can be beautiful without people and I can say

I'm sorry for calling you baby or for making you
show so much of your self or never knowing
how to make you love a cage and especially
for feeling so sorry but Baby, can you please

tie my shoe I can already feel it coming
undone, people have been dying all around me and
one day it's bound to be the three of us stranded
on our own ship in dead waters fearless uninter-

rupted playing gods as crisp twinkling
fools with no strings attached so that we can't break
the ties that bind us and I'm sorry again
for sounding so slipped it's just we're losing something, we're losing something

(probably) Autumn 2013

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