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Full disclosure: yes this idea of naming the character from this series of poems "Sugarcane" is directly taken from Why Jane Kisses the King and the subsequent node by JessicaPierce (a.k.a. Junkpile (a.k.a. punkpile a.k.a. "it's the one that says bad mother fucker on it")). I took the idea a long time ago, at the time I didn't really intend that these pieces would show up on this website, I don't know how I would change it, and I just don't feel like it's necessary. So if you have a bone to pick about it and your name isn't JessicaPierce, take it elsewhere.

There are some poems in this series that haven't been posted to E2 and that might not ever be. I wrote most of these when I was young aspiring and immature both as a poet and as a lover. I never really had a romantic relationship with this person, and that fact was kind of the fuel for most of these creations. I do see how silly it was in retrospect, that I was mostly just throwing myself against this unattainable object of affection out of boredom or maybe desperation. But I was still very sincere in the moment. And I do still wonder about Karia from time to time. I wish that troubled kid all the best.

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