Lawrence Mullen, Jr. is and always has been the drummer for the world-famous band, U2. He was born in the part of Dublin known as Artane on October 31, 1961 to parents Lawrence, Sr. and Maureen, at 60 Rosemont Avenue.

Larry first became interested in music by following the influence of his sister, Cecilia, who played the piano. At the age of nine, Larry decided that he too would take up the piano. This, however, did not work out for the aspiring young musician, and he was ready to abandon his musical career altogether when Larry found his calling: drums.

Larry took lessons in 1971, under a man named Joe Bonnie, and soon, his sister bought him his first drum kit in 1973 for 17 Pounds (about 30 United States Dollars). Once Larry learned the basics, he joined the Artane Boys' Band, but this was not for him. As the story goes, Larry was asked to cut his hair several times, and no one tells Larry what to do. After leaving the Artane Boys' Band, Larry entered the Post Office Workers' Union Band, which he much more enjoyed and with whom he was able to march in a St. Patrick's Day Parade. Many of the skills Larry developed in the Post Office Workers' Union Band can be clearly heard in such songs as "Sunday Bloody Sunday" and much of the War album.

He placed a notice at the infamous Mount Temple Comprehensive School in the fall of 1976, and the resulting group was The Hype, then Feedback, and finally, U2 (all with the same members, just different names). Although everyone knows the band as U2, Larry claims that the band's name is really "The Larry Mullen Band."

Though Larry officially started the band, Paul Hewson would emerge as the leader. As later told by Larry, "I spent all my pocket money on drum kits, and suddenly you get to the stage after playing in your bedroom for 6 months, so you wonder where to go, y'know. I had heard of this fellow called Paul Hewson, he was very notorious. And there was Adam Clayton, cos Adam was the new boy in town. And he used to wear this fantastic afghan coat, that's how I knew Adam."

His award-winning career has been plagued with a battle with tendonitis, which has been curbed by specially designed drumsticks.

Known for his love of Harley Davidson motorcycles, he has been known to drive his Harley from gig to gig, clocking over 10,000 miles on the Zoo TV tour alone. He is also known for his fandom for Elvis Presley.

Although Larry takes a no-bull attitude, he does have quite a sense of humor, as does all of U2. He is known to play pranks on people, as well as stealing the spotlight with a karaoke machine.

He has a partner, Anne Acheson, his high school sweetheart, and 3 children. Incidentally, Bono also married his high school sweetheart, Ali, and they have always been together as well. How hollywood relationship! He has also been a dog owner, thanking his dogs JJ and Missy on past albums.

One of Larry's best musical characteristics is that, much like The Edge, his style is very unique. Whether he is banging away militaristically, as heard on "Seconds" and "Sunday Bloody Sunday" (from 1983's "War") or pounding out the maniacal rhythms heard on "Acrobat" (from 1991's "Achtung Baby") Larry's sound is innovative, definitive, and fresh. Some have claimed his playing is simplistic, but in more than two decades he's never repeated a drum pattern for two different songs, and continues to perform on an international level today.


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