A strip club (topless only) located at the corner of Rancho Dr. and Bonanza Rd. near highway 95 in North Las Vegas.

Larry's Villa is most definitely a locals place. It doesn't even try to lure in out-of-towners -- the dancers are not the best looking (on the "male pig 1-10 scale", don't expect anything better than a six), there's video poker at the bar, there's no DJ (not a bad thing, really), and it's a small place (with only one waitress and one stage).

For years, the club has advertised "no cover, no minimums" on billboards across town (and even on its own building). Those advertisements are still there, but the club now seems to have a one-drink minimum.

Hustle Factor: Not bad. For the most part the ladies here leave you alone if you sit away from the stage, and don't hustle for tips too bad at stageside. There's only a few dancers on a given shift, so once you say "no" to a couple of them, the rest will leave you alone too.

How do they Look? Not bad. There's no "Perfect 10"'s here but there also aren't any nasty ones either.

Worth a Visit? Before they instituted the one-drink minimum, absolutely. Free admission, no drink requirement (so it was really free), and you could ogle for hours and spend no money. Now, not only are they pulling a bait-and-switch (their advertising still claims no cover, no minimums, but good luck staying in the place more than five minutes without buying a drink these days), but since they're at the same price point as other clubs closer to the strip, with more attractive women and more space, it's not worth the trip these days, even for a local.

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