larissa dalle is kickass. her music style on is described as "indie/folk/country," but i consider "angry goth femme" much more appropriate (even if she IS caught wearing a cowboy hat in her latest promo pictures).

the story of how i found her music is actually quite strange. see, i used to hang out on the bulletin board, being all juvenile and groupie-like, waiting for trent reznor and his band to post messages i could salivate over (what, you were there to actually talk to other fans? i don't believe you). anyhow, at that point trent was looking for a female singer for a new project and was accepting audition tapes. we had a discussion about who should be trent's new chick. larissa posted a simple, very elegant, "i should," followed by a link to her website (aptly titled i have been in love with her music ever since.

she is very elusive about her history, but according to her website, she was born in blue island, illinois where she "lived the first year of her life in a mortuary." she's still "suffering mortuary flashbacks." she's been in st. louis, missouri ever since she was five.

her musical history is just as vague. she cites influences like scud mountain boys, kitty wells, and pj harvey. at some point in her career she met some dude named timothy gregory at the st. louis opera theatre and ended up collaborating with him to form no less than two bands: collaborateur, an "electronic duo" which lasted about eight years, and crushed, along with members of east ash. now she has gone solo again.

her latest album, milking the tree, can now be ordered at you should buy it. it is not only beautiful, it contains a song written for neil gaiman on his birthday.

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