Lamb Satay:

(from my dad's recipe book, by "Doug and Fred", 1975)

Boil everything above (except the meat) until it's smooth. Put half of the sauce aside, and marinate the meat in the other half, with 1/2 tsp curry.

To the rest of the sauce, add:
Skewer the meat, with whatever vegetables suit your fancy. Grill the skewers, and serve with sauce over Basmati rice.

Update Feb 6, 2001: It works with squid, too.

Update March 20, 2001: Replacing lemon juice with lime juice is yummy, but you may need to use 1.5 limes per lemon, because limes are small and not very juicy. Add 1/2 cup of coconut milk to the sauce at the end for extra Thai goodness.

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