A town in Suffolk County, New York located on Long Island whose name comes from the glacier created kettle-hole lake of the same name.

The lake itself is the largest on Long Island and a good representation of the the power of glaciers. Its depth is unknown, and was once rumoured to be bottomless or somehow connected via underground stream to the Long Island Sound.

Lake Ronkonkoma was a popular spot for wealthy folk from NYC to spend their summers in the earlier part of the twentieth century. To help support such development, William K. Vanderbilt, Jr organized the Long Island Motor Parkway Corporation in 1906 for the purpose of building a paved highway to connect the city to the lake. Some 45 miles of private roadway with 65 bridges and 9 toll lodges were constructed by 1908. The road stretched from Queens County to Lake Ronkonkoma.

Finally, the lake is also believed to be cursed.

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