Lady's mantle(a herb) is used for menstrual disorders. It has been said that if you drink an infusion of green parts of the plant for 10 days each month it will help relieve menopausal discomfort. It is also used as a mouth rinse after a tooth is pulled. It’s leaves can be boiled for pale green wool dye and are used in veterinary medicine for the treatment of diarrhea.
Lady's mantle is a native of the mountains of America, Europe, and Asia. It grows anywhere from 6 inches to 18 inches tall. It has tiny greenish yellow flowers in the summer. It likes damp places but also shady dry woods.
Lady's mantle can also be grown in a container.

La"dy's man"tle (?). Bot.

A genus of rosaceous herbs (Alchemilla), esp. the European A. vulgaris, which has leaves with rounded and finely serrated lobes.


© Webster 1913.

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