An old game originally created for old Macintosh computers. It was one of the first visual puzzle solvers in it's time. The game plays much like Zork, or Mist. However, the number of items that can be accumulated far exceeds any game of this sort I have seen. In my venture through the game, I found that I eventually ended up with some items I did not even find a use for! The game's storyline runs paralell to that of Greek Mythology, in that a labyrinth was created to contain a terrible monster within. However, Labyrinth of Time takes this to the extreme, featuring landscapes that range from hotels, to Mayan Zigguruts, to surreal mazes. The game breaks down into two parts:

Some areas of the game require the use of items previously found in the game to pass. For example, to pass through a bathroom door in a restraunt, you must deposit the quarter you found ealier.

In other areas, you are forced to actually make your way through various styles of mazes, ranging from ancient Greek styles, to a circus tent's mirror maze.

The game begins on a subway train, from which there are four exits. Each exit leads off the train and into a different area of the labyrinth. One direction leads to a hotel, another to a city street, ect. ect.

At times, the game becomes unbearably confusing, and there are times when you must spend 15 minutes backtracking just to get an item you missed. Over all though, when you have finally completed the game (in my case, years later), it leaves you with a sense of "Wow, I can't believe I beat that...". It is certainly an enjoyable experience over all, and if you happen to have any kind of access to this game, I reccomend you try it out.

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