I used to drink a lot of soda (pop for the monsters reading this). After the arrival of diabetes mellitus on my doorstep, I had to stop the pop. 

Unfortunately for me, I still had a fizzy drink craving that wouldn't go away. Thank goodness that LaCroix showed up at my local supermarket.

LaCroix makes carbonated beverages with zero calories and no artificial sweeteners. They use natural flavorings that give the water a nice taste so it feels like a can of soda but it won't send my glucose levels through the roof (my record was around 960 when I was hospitalized - it should be 70 to 100). Unfortunately, it's not a cheap beverage, costing more than an equivalent six pack of Coca-Cola. They also make more expensive exotic flavors that cost even more.

The brand started back in 1981, but it didn't really make inroads until the 2000's. With wider distribution, it now holds a 30% market share of sparkling water, far ahead of second-place Perrier.

Iron Noder 2017

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