Little Rubber Feet. All items of technology, and many others, incorporate LRF support as part of their basic design. Most computer cases clock 4 LRF, and some keyboards offer the ability to support two to five LRF.

In some cases, an item will come packaged with six LRF when it can only support four. This is normal- the LRF standard, while sturdy, is not as firmly connected as first appearances dictate, so manufacturers provide extra LRF for contingencies.

Deadly funny way to get salesmen to admit they have no idea what you need or are looking for.

    "Hey, nice widget. I really need one, but.. Does it have LRF support?"
    "Sure! This thing can handle up to 40 gigabit, and I've seen LRF overclocking..
    yadda yadda yadda.

The use of LRF as a bullshit detector is well-documented.

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