Linguistic term meaning "first language". Your L1 is your mother tongue, your native speech.

This is opposed to L2, the "second language", which would be a language you learn after you already command another language.

(GPS terminology)

L1 is the primary L band signal radiated by each NAVSTAR satellite at 1575.42 MHz. The L1 signal is modulated to transmit the civilian C/A code, military P codes and the NAV message.

"L1" is also used as an abbreviation for "Level 1 cache." As such, it refers to that random access memory (RAM) that is incorporated within the architecture of a microprocessor (most frequently in the form of SRAM that is on or near the microprocessor die).

Some CPUs and the corresponding amount of L1 cache they possess:

  • Intel 80486: 8k
  • Intel Pentium Pro: 16k
  • Intel Pentium MMX: 32k
  • Intel Pentium II: 32k
  • Intel Celeron: 32k
  • Cyrix 6x86MX: 64k
  • AMD K5: 24k
  • AMD K6: 64k
  • AMD Athlon (K7): 128k
  • AMD Thunderbird: 128k (11/97)

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