Arabic for 'pussy', or vagina. This word is very common in Hebrew slang. Some common phrases:

  • Kus emek - the pussy of your mother
  • Kus ochtak - the pussy of your sister
  • Kus rabak - the pussy of your god (you shouldn't say that to a muslim)
  • Kus em em emek - the pussy of the mother of the mother of your mother
  • Yimach shimcha ve kus imcha - may your name perish] along with your mother's pussy

  • etc...

    Also the Dutch word for kiss.

    Approximate pronunciation: voiceless velar plosive, front close-mid unrounded vowel, voiceless alveolar fricative. (See Gritchka's excellent place of articulation for more information on what all those silly phonetics terms mean.)

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