Tagalog slang word used to describe (or demean) Filipino bands that are half-assed carbon copies of foreign nu-metal acts, Korn in particular. The term originated from a band called Greyhoundz (the first and successful Filipino band to pull it off) who in 1998, released their carrier single entitled Pigface, which contained the lyrics "paw-huhupaw-huhupaw" screamed in angst-ridden glory, much like how Jon Davis does the incomprehensible chanting in most of their songs. Greyhoundz's success and nu-metal's apparent rise to the mainstream at the time both foreign and local, led to the arrival of other kupaw groups like: Also, the only reason why these bands are popular is because most Filipinos have this me against the pop industry mentality. They listen to them because they feel that these bands are underground or hardcore, that these bands are somehow rebelling against the pop industry when they are obviously part of it. It's more of a non-conformity stance than the actual appreciation for the music itself, which is crap to begin with.

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