Small metroidvania with minimalist palette

«Kunai» is a metroidvania about a katana-swinging, twin-revolver-flailing robot killer turned good.

Main game loop

In «Kunai» you take control of Tabby—a robot with a tablet-like head—to hack-and-slash your way trough the remnants of a world now dominated by an evil Artificial Intelligence. In true Metroidvania fashion, you discover/recover additional abilities, like the titular pair of kunai, twin revolvers, a katana and a few other weapons.

The main gimmick of «Kunai» lies in its fluid movement. Early in the game, you get the ability to “shoot” out your kunai in upward 45-degree angles and they can anchor to many surfaces, allowing for climbing and swinging motions not unlike the ones displayed by your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Interestingly, he boss battles are a cross between a puzzle and a test of mechanics rather than a competition of force. This makes for a nice change of pace for the genre.

What do you think, Andy?

It’s a pretty little game that doesn’t overstay its welcome. It’s only about 8 hours long and—against the genre’s tendency in modern times—it’s not meant to be difficult. Save for a few weird difficulty changes and clichéd story, it’s a fine addition to the metroidvania family if you’re looking for something that can actually be finished.

Ni picha, ni cacha, ni deja batear ⇐ Part of Brevity Quest 2020July 9, 2020

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