Kuja if the chief villain of Final Fantasy IX. Those playing the game will most likely figure this out rather quickly, as he has that special "destined to betray or otherwise kill every other villain in the game" quality, in a way somewhat between Kefka's giggling insanity and Sephiroth's quiet murderousness. He generally tends toward the cool, calculating, and arrogant side of evil, at least when he hasn't been slighted, and he has his own special brand of villainy, which the player will learn to hate him for. Anyone can capture the party and blackmail the hero into doing his dirty work while secretly planning to kill the hostages, but it takes real evil to subject the good guys to a huge dungeon focused entirely on lighting candles. And I won't even mention being freed by a frog.

One very noticeable feature about Kuja is his Bishonen ("pretty boy") quality. He looks very feminine, particularly in FMV scenes. Although fans of console RPGs are certainly used to characters having unique appearances that do not really factor into the game, Kuja's looks reflect an important facet of his character... Kuja denies who he really is. Saying more than this would spoil the plot, and it's been spoiled enough, but suffice to say it has plenty of irony.

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