Kudlow & Cramer is a show on CNBC, featuring Larry Kudlow and Jim Cramer, whose hour-long show recounts the day on Wall Street, in addition to any other current events or political news that might have some financial bearing on the world or regional markets.

Lawrence ("Larry") Kudlow is the CEO of Kudlow & Company, LLC, a financial consulting firm based out of NYC. A staunch free-market economist, Kudlow is also a columnist and editor for The National Review; He also appears with some regularity on The McLaughlin Group.

James ("Jim") Cramer is the founder of TheStreet.com, columnist for New York Magazine, and a Harvard Law School Graduate. He is an admitted pro-business Democrat and is, by far, the more animated of the two.

It is certainly not your typical, dry financial news show; Rather it manages to be entertaining while informative, with interviews, commentary, and segments such as Beltway Buzz and The Hot File.

Intially aired each weekday at 8:00 PM, each day's show is also re-aired at 11:00 PM; Show is an hour long, except on Fridays, when it is shortened to make room for Louis Rukeyser. Highlights are shown at various times throughout the weekend.

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